More than 200 books (16 Feb 2012)


Bentley is a great reader.  He loves to read and has fantastic comprehension.  He read the first 40 Magic Treehouse books before he started first grade.  I asked him yesterday, "When doe the new Reading Challenge begin?"  This is an annual elementary event in which each student sets an individual goal with their teacher's approval.  I am looking forward to another big reading interval when they begin.

Much to my surprise he said tonight," Mrs Schumacher [fantastic 1st grade teacher] says it will start in a couple weeks.  Guess what my goal is?"

"25 books?" I asked, rounding up in my mind.

"Nope; one thousand pages!"  I was stunned briefly; until I remembered his pre-kindergarten goal was 100 books with the same achievement oriented teacher.  

"Mrs. Schumacher asked me if I wanted to reduce my goal to 800 pages.  I said, 'No, that's ok.  My dad can get me through it."

GULP!  I guess we will!!

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer