How do we know? (23 Feb 2012)

Strolling to school with Bentley this morning (since 7-year olds do not walk at any faster speed!) he asks me a profound question:  "Dad I know that sometimes we can look in books to learn stuff.  But if it not in books already, how do we learn stuff?"

I could not help myself, so I explained (superficially) that we do something called an experiment which is simply a yes - no question.  We do a test and if the answer is "yes" then we add knowledge and move a little further; if the answer is no, then we start again.

How does this child have such a profoundly inquiring mind?

I related this anecdote to my 11th graders in DP biology today and I could not help but tear up and choke on my affection and admiration for this special boy.

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer