Ladies (29 April 2010)

60592MI have recieved several nice gifts in Korea as a teacher:  a tie, silver cuff links, Bulgari cologne, wine, oranges, chocolates.  2 years ago I received a very nice gift from a student's parents at school: a large bottle of Black Polo.  Regardless the motivation (did I smell bad?  were they expressing appreciation? did they want a higher grade?) it is very much appreciated!  Since receiving that kindness, I often spray myself briefly with this strong masculine scent as we leave the apartment on the way to school.  When Bentley is with me he often gets his own shot of Black Polo.  This morning I asked Bentley, "Do you want to smell like a man?"  

"No.  Why do we need it?" he asked.

"Bentley, ladies like it!"

After a minor shot of cologne, we leave the house and as Bentley closes the door behind me I hear him say, "Let's go get some ladies!"

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer