King Minos of Crete (Sept. 8, 2009)

 One of the facts of childhood in today is movies and videos.  Their value is questionable at best and it pains me that Bentley watches, on average, at least 1 hour per day; usually after he comes from from a day at school, before supper time.  Still who is responsible for that?  I am...  So we are trying to make that time as little "lost" as we can, even if making it a positive growing time is not possible.  Enter:  pirated version of a poorly made animated series of stories from the Book of Virtue.  (Is there irony in watching a pirated video based on the Book of Virtue?)  The stories mis-sequenced (Theseus slay the minotaur in the labyrinth and earns Ariadne's hand in marriage then later in the video Daedulus is captured by King Minos and build the labyrinth...)  Nonetheless, the stories are about virtuous character and use stories from great Myths.  So much to my delight, Bentley was in the bath tub playing with some plastic figures last night.  There was no Larry Boy, no Disney characters, no cartoons.  In a four-year old bass voice, alongside the splashing, I hear from the bathtub, "King Minos said to Theseus, 'You cannot slay the minotaur!"  Emotions of relief filled my heart to hear Bentley filling his mind with great Myths and timeless characters.  [Minotaur image from:]

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer