Annie Apple (Sept 4, 2009)

 Bentley has really enjoyed preschool during the first 4 weeks.  He is eager to learn; he loves activities like singing and building.  During the first couple of weeks we began to hear about this fictional place called "Netterland."  Apparently there were some Netterland games on the computer which, I think, he played before classes began when he got to class early.  As he learned his alphabet, we saw drawings and worksheets of Annie Apple, Bouncy Bear, and Crazy Cat.  About this time he brought home a professionally published brochure which had all the letters of the alphabet characterized in their unique ways.  As he handed it to me at home n the evening, I was curous what all of the letter would turn out to be.  When I saw the title I started laughing; they lived in "Letterland."  An "L" sure sounds a lot like an N and is even pronounced the same way (tongue on upper palate.)  See the website at <>.

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer