Ages 6 + (1 March 2010)

Last year Amy taught Bentley to play Uno and he wins; often.  To adults, Uno is quickly tedious; largely chance.  So I taught Bentley Dominoes.  Then Kila brought Sorry for Christmas and he learned that quickly.  I see games as a way to not only have fun, but learn several other things:  patience, sportsmanship, abstract thinking, strategic thinking, and cooperation.  While looking at the Sorry box, I realized it is "For ages 6 +" and jokingly said to Bentley that he is not old enough to play this game (which he was beating me at).  That made me think he might catch on to Settlers of Catan (for ages 12+).  

The first Settlers game he learned at the rate I anticipated: he did not appreciate the strategy; he recognized many of the cards: sheep, wood, wheat but not all, he put two roads on the same hexagon side; the settlement/city distinction was unclear.  But when we started playing the second game he showed he already memorized the prices of roads and chance cards!  He REALLY wanted to biggest army (Darn all those point cards; gimme a soldier!"  Now, 5 games later he understands the principles and is fun to play with.  Strategy is not clear to him yet, but I am sure it won't be long!


 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer