You are amazing! (3 Oct 2010)

 Image by Beth, 2010)

Bentley is taking Taekwondo now and a couple times we have gone to the gym ro practice kicking with the pads; or punching.  he is a very good learner and is learning to listen and respond to instructions.  He is naturally enthusiastic - a teacher's dream!  On Sunday afternoon we went to the gym for a break for me and fun for Bentley.  We went to the padded walls room where there are mats for Taekwondo.

I showed him a couple times how to do a side kick (the one he likes the best) on a punching bag.  I kicked it as high as I could (realizing how unflexible I am!) then a double kick for fun (could I still?)  Bentley says, "Dad you are amazing!"  and then he runs around and back to try a kick again then stands up and says, "Dad; can you show me how to be like you?"

I'm sure my response was predictable; the tears I shed at each telling are just a signal of the worth of words.

I will treasure these words - and live by them! from till eternity.  And every day strive to live a life worthy of that kind of admiration.

Thanks God for children!  Honestly, it was the best birthday gift I will ever get!  :)

Image from climbing a tree together (first time for Bentley!), July, 2010 in Bellingham, Wa.


 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer