Mother tongue (12 Oct 2010)

Ethiopia[Note to reader: we live in Korea presently]  

One of the interesting things about adoption, is you are unclear how aware your children are, or to what degree they perceive, their native heritage.  Today after school while we were walking home from school, Bentley asked me, "Papa, can you teach me some words from Ethiopia?"  I speak a little Amheric, though no Oromo, which is the language of Bentley's birth-mother.  Still, I was interested that he brought up the question.  I told him a few words, like "lij" meaning "child" or "tsehi" meaning "sun."

He definitely has a life rich with languages.  He speaks English fluently - and without taking a breath most of the time!  

In school he takes Korean language every day.  This has made him a favorite with everyone he meets!  Older people love his greeting in Korean, with the appropriate formal bow his head.  He understand some of what people say to him; "Papa, that old lady said I was cute!"  

One day ahead we will look at Ethiopia specifically, and the possibility of learning Oromo, but for now we will just drink in the opportunities we bump into every day and enjoy life as it comes!

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer