Cows cannot run (9 Jan 2011)

 I have begun doing (nearly) daily writing exercises with Bentley.  He is very conscious of parity with his peers and Beth pointed out that his hand writing is not as clear (see "Aunty" above) and his drawings are not as detailed as his peers.  Frankly I think it is within the normal range, but to help him feel better about his ability I want to help improve this skill.  Today, for example, I wrote a little excercise for Bentley.  

To make it intersting I ask him for what he wants the story to be about.  He said, "Cows!"  So I made up a one page story (good practice for me!):

Cows cannot run in the snow because their hoofs are slippery.  
The farmer made special metal shoes for the cows.  
Now the cows do not slip on snow 
- except when they are sledding.

 [I know "hoofs" is spelled wrong, but good enough for his reading level; we'll do spelling exceptions later!]

It is so fun to see him read and write (he traces my letters for letter writing practice; to help him develop his fine motor skills).  As he reads, he sounds out words - and learns new words in the process - and as he reads he gets the imagery and the humor.  I asked him "why did the farmer make metal shoes?" Bentley, answered, "metal shoes will keep their feet dry" Interpretation: wet feet slip; dry feet grip.  I figure that is fine :)

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer