Learning to Whistle, Oct 2009

This is the first time I heard Bentley whistle.  Whistling is something he has wanted to learn to do and I showed him and tried to encourage him that over time, with practice, he can learn to.

A wonderful joy of having young children - or children of any age! - is to watch them learn and grow.  This Sunday afternoon I am sitting at my desk in Suwon, Korea, grading Anatomy and Physiology tests.  While grading I heard a funny noise from the living room; sort of a wheezing and whistling noise.  I called Bentley into the bedroom, where my desk is and asked him to show me how he whistles.  In a panting series of intentional inhalations and exhalations I detect whistling noises.  About 4 weeks ago, on evening, he showed me he can snap his fingers!  Today I heard him whistle! Bentley is very intentional about what he hears and does and his whistling is a result of applying intentional effort over time.  Not that Bentley practices 30 minutes each day, but he keeps at it and -voila!- now he can whistle!  SO exciting!

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer